Novel Accessories

Page 6, Autumn 1926 Fashion Service; from the collection of Jessica H. Jaeger.

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However prone you are to lose your heart to the latest novelties, you must keep your head and think dispassionately of the smart ensemble when you stand eager-eyed before a shop window full of alluring accessories. These important small things have become amazingly difficult to buy—so many choices are possible, and the wrong choice can work such havoc! On the other hand, the correct choice puts the knowing touch of chic on a costume so easily. A safe rule is to be enthusiastic on the side of simplicity, for so much that is novel turns out to be garish.

At present, the knowing ones are choosing accessories for accent, to harmonize with the costume rather than match it exactly, finding this much less tiresome. For example, matching gloves, hose, and hat are several tones lighter than the shoes and bag, the latter providing a note of sharp accent in its clasp of contrasting colored enamel—just that touch, but so chic!

Costume jewelry in crystal, gold, enamel, and semiprecious stones, much of it of remarkable workmanship, is splendid for accent, too, if not overdone. One or two pieces with each costume is sufficient.

Or it may be a belt buckle, or a pair of buckles on the shoes, that gives the knowing touch. These, too, are beautifully done in enamels and metals, usually in futuristic design. The carnation boutonnière on the shoulder is another means to the same end.

Perfectly plain gloves are never wrong, but the addition of a narrow, reptile-skin strap and a monogrammed buckle is smart, as is a narrow cuff, plain or simply decorated. Shoes are showing interesting combinations of leather, and for dress wear they are often of satin with insets of moiré. Flat envelopes and tailored pouches are the bag favorites, often featuring reptile leathers.

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